Yoga For Women Over 50


Yoga For Women Over 50

Exercise in any form is essential for true Wellness for us women over 50.   Whether you walk daily, bike, hike, use weights, spin or walk your dog you’re doing something positive for yourself and your well being.  Please, continue with whatever you’re currently doing, just think about adding yoga to your life as well.  Yoga will teach you to honor your body, relax your mind, be present, trust the universe and to BREATHE.  Yoga will assist you in tending to your whole being:  body, mind and spirit.  If you give yoga a chance, it will change your life.

What Yoga Means

The root meaning of Yoga is union, that comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj which means “to join”, to bring together the aspects of yourself that were never divided in the first place.   Another root of Yoga means separation.  This is in reference to discernment, or separation of what is real from what is not.  Yoga is the process of gaining control over the mind…the power to concentrate on anything and the the capacity to remain calm and q-yoga-clipart-8uiet at all times.

How Yoga Transforms Your Body

  • Improved brain function.  In as little as 20 minutes, yoga can improve cognitive function, increasing focus and memory.  
  • Lower Stress Levels.   Deep nasal breathing increases your oxygen flow, calms the nervous system and reduces your level of stress.  
  • Increases Metabolism & Decreases Inflammation.  Increases Flexibility.  The different positions or postures in yoga increases shoulder, lower back, and hamstring flexibility, as well as greater deadlift strength and decreases body fat.

After a few months of practice, yoga will:  

benefit people with mild to moderate hypertension, more so than walking; increase vital lung capacity (the maximum amount of air exhaled after deep inhalation); improve sexual function and satisfaction for women; reduce chronic neck & back pain; relieve anxiety;  stabilize blood sugar levels in diabetics; improve sense of balance.

After years of practicing yoga you will:  

have stronger bones; maintain a healthy weight; lower your risk of heart disease.

Getting started

Assuming you all have never practiced yoga or maybe you’ve tried a class or 2, I recommend reading up on yoga and the philosophy behind it.  I recommend Self Love Through Yoga by Lei Camille.  You’ll read all about the benefits each pose offers your whole being, that is physically, physiologically, mentally and spiritually.  I guarantee you for every ailment, there is a pose that will offer relief.  After you’ve done a little research, find a beginner’s class or video for home.  There are several good smart phone apps available as well for FREE.  Start slow.  Try learning 4-5 beginner’s poses for your first day.  Repeat those each day, adding 1-2 new poses as you go.  If you find that a pose is too difficult for you, try a modified version of the pose until you’re able to complete the full position.  For example, if a pose directs you to touch the floor with your fingers or palm while standing, the modified version would be to bend the knees slightly.  Switch up your routine, too, to avoid boredom; it can pose

Be well!

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