What to Wear to Yoga Class


So, you’ve decided to try out yoga?  You won’t regret it, I promise.  But, whether you’re taking a class or following a video at home, you do need to wear clothing that allows full movement and stretching, without restriction.  I want to prepare you so you know what to expect.  I don’t want you to  stress over the unknown; we’re trying to alleviate stress, not make it worse.

What to Wear to Yoga Class yoga for older adults

Sweat pants are ok, but even they don’t allow a full stretch without doing some adjusting in the middle of a pose.  I recommend either full length yoga leggings or capri length.  They stay put and move with you, so there’s no restriction from your clothing in doing a full stretch.  Stretchy shorts will work, too, if you’re comfortable wearing shorts.  And, if you’re going to wear long sleeves, make sure the sleeves fit snug, yet stretch and move with you. Your focus should be on your breathing and poses, not readjusting your clothing.  So, take careful consideration with what you choose to wear.

As for a bra, well, my preference is to either go without or wear a soft sport bra.  This is totally up to you and what you’re comfortable with doing.

I prefer doing yoga barefoot; however, some gyms and spas may not permit that.  You will want a pair of light weight sneakers that allow flexibility and move with your foot, not stiff or heavy.

If you have long hair, tie it back or wear a headband to keep it from distracting your focus.

YogaMat660What to Take to Yoga Class

You will need a yoga mat.  Some places provide them, but you’ll probably want to have one of your own.  You don’t need anything fancy or expensive, just one that you can roll up and go with.


And, lastly, take a bottle of water with you to class.  You’ll need it at the end, but you shouldn’t be drinking during the movements.  Your poses should flow, one after the other, and with your full focus, without interruption.

Speaking of interruptions…make sure to use the restroom to empty your bladder right before class starts, so that you won’t have to leave in the middle.

Stay in Touch With Us About Your Yoga Experience

I hope you check back with us on how it goes.  Tell us what you like about yoga and what you don’t.  Share with us what you wore and what you noticed other people wearing.  Yoga has dramatically changed so many aspects of my life!  My hope is that it does the same for you.  Remember:  there are many places that offer classes, now, so if you’re not happy with the first place you try don’t give up.  Try a new place.  Ask around and see where your friends and family go.

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2 thoughts on “What to Wear to Yoga Class

  1. Hey Barb, I tried a yoga class years ago but didn’t care for it. Now, everyone is talking about Yoga and I am feeling left out. My son just found a video on his phone that he is using. Do you have any specific online classes/videos that you think I might like? I’d like to give it another try. (YOU are inspiring me!)

    • The classroom setting isn’t for everyone, so glad you are open to other avenues in trying yoga again. I was the same way, actually; I tried a yoga class over 20 years ago and I hated it. Then, over the years friends and family kept suggesting I try it to help my back pain, but I’d just laugh it off. What turned it around for me, finally, was READING about it! I found a great kindle book for just .99 that changed my life forever. It goes into the theory and philosophy behind yoga and how each position benefits you physically, physiologically, mentally and spiritually. She goes over 10 or 12 positions in great detail, including all the benefits and exactly how to perform each one. The book is Self Love Through Yoga by Lei Camille. It’s a quick and easy read and you’ll refer back to it over and over, I’m sure. If you have a smart phone, there are 2 free apps that I like and use regularly, as well: Yoga Guru and Yoga Tools from Sadhguru. Best of luck to you!

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