What Are Yoga Props?


Yoga props are exactly what it sounds like, they are pieces of equipment (or props) that either assist you with a yoga pose if you’re not able to complete it without support or it enhances your position so you get the most benefit out of it.  Either way, as you progress with your practice you may want to add some props to your routine.

I’m including some examples, here, of the more popularly used props (all of these can be found at, I’ve included links for each for your convenience).

Popular Yoga Props

    • Yoga Blocks – Yoga blocks provide support and height for comfort, alignment and safety in poses.



  •   Yoga Straps – Straps provide the length that enables you to grasp limbs beyond your reach, and helps bind your limb in position.


  • Inversion Swings – Inversion swings relieve back pain by providing a combination of spinal traction and lower back muscle stretch.


  • Yoga Mats – Yoga mats have a slightly sticky feel to keep your hands, feet and elbows from slipping during poses.  They also provide a little padding to protect your knees and elbows from bruising.





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