The Change: Metaphysically Speaking


The Change:  Metaphysically Speaking


When we refer to this time in our lives as “the change”, most of us think about the physiological changes we go through…you know, hormonal roller coaster stuff. However, there is a bigger change going on that we may not all be aware of, that is the metaphysical or spiritual change taking place.

I’ve been on this metaphysical journey, now, since age 48.  It looks something like this from age 48 to 55:  emptiness, crying every day, realization that I was not happy in my marriage and acting on that, depression, insomnia, filling the void with miscellaneous hobbies, drinking too much, reading, following a nutritious diet plan, getting enough sleep, let go of the past, forgiveness, focusing on what makes me happy, meditation, yoga, reading, reading, being thankful, reading and finally, discovery.

My discovery was learning that finding happiness was easy; it was all around me.  Obviously, you don’t need to be heading into menopause to experience this sort of thing, or even be a woman.  I’m simply pointing out that many women go through a sort of regrouping during perimenopause and especially post menopause, where they awaken a part of themselves that has been in hibernation since childhood.

What is Metaphysics?

The simple definition of Metaphysics, according to Webster’s, is the part of philosophy that is concerned with the basic causes and nature of things.

Wikipedia takes it just a step further:  Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it, although the term is not easily defined. Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:

  1. Ultimately, what is there?
  2. What is it like?


The Journey

journey of life

  • Emptiness – Right before I really realized that I was going through this transition of changing from within, I felt utter and completely alone and empty.  I knew something was missing, but couldn’t quite figure out what that was.  I just subconsciously knew there was something more.
  • Depression – The emptiness led to depression.  Knowing something was missing and not knowing what it was or how to find it, triggered a major depression.
  • Elimination – I began re-evaluating all my relationships and broke ties with the ones that were toxic.  Like, my marriage to a man with undiagnosed mental illness who was also an alcoholic and a 15 yr friendship with a woman that became addicted to meth.  I had to let go of both of these relationships because in trying to “save” them, I was destroying myself.
  • Let go of the past – By letting go of the things I couldn’t change, I was able to move forward.
  • Forgiveness – Once I truly felt forgiveness for others in my heart, I learned to forgive myself.
  • Learning – At first, I  read books about mental illness (naturally), trying to understand what my husband (ex) was going through.  Then, I moved on to self discovery books, like spiritual enlightenment, proper nutrition, holistic medicine, meditation, and yoga.
  • Discovery – By discovery, I mean discovering myself and finding happiness in every day life all around me.  This couldn’t have happened without meditation and yoga!  They changed me forever.

What Can You do

If any of this is resonating with you, take a closer look at your life, yourself, how often you cry or laugh, your diet,  how much you exercise…EVERYTHING!  I am in no way suggesting you divorce your husband or cut ties with friends.  First, evaluate your current circumstances and go from there.  Be honest with your evaluation!

  • Evaluate
  • Individual or couples counseling

  • See your doctor if you feel you need help with depression
  • Take time for yourself
  • Begin a nutritional journey
  • Learn about meditation
  • Study yoga

Feel Joy Every Day


From the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night, bring your attention to the beautiful gifts the universe sends you each day. Whether it be how the sun shines through your window, caught on dancing dust particles in your bedroom;  or how your dog looks up at you, lovingly, wanting to please you.  Big or small, learn to accept these gifts, embrace and treasure them.

Be Thankful Every Day

Again, each morning as you rise, be thankful for your life, your joyful gifts, friends, family, everything you have.  Focus on the things you have, not the things you don’t have.  You’ll soon find that you have more than you ever realized.


Put aside the old notion that “the change” is some dreadful disease that all women are cursed with after a certain age.  This time of your life is a time to re-evaluate and open up to new things.  It’s a time of self (re) discovery and growth, not the beginning of the end that society has taught us for so many years.  Happiness begins with you; you will know true happiness when you know and love yourself.  You hold the key that unlocks the door to the rest of your life.  Use it!


Recommended Reading

The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life by Deepak Chopra

Holistic Healing: Your Guide to a Healthier You! by Healthy Body Books

The Wisdom of Menopause Journal: Your Guide to Creating Vibrant Health and Happiness in the Second Half of Your Life by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
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Please leave your comments below…tell us your own personal discoveries!

Be Well


6 thoughts on “The Change: Metaphysically Speaking

  1. “the change” is some dreadful disease that all women are cursed with after a certain age. This statement is a big one because its not true and when I went through the whole article it proves the point, and helps with the realization of this point. My wife for example had a hysterectomy and she experienced some things but not all she was 40 and even now at 54 she has little or no effect of the change. I think the change can be a stressful time but does not have to be and can be a time of reflection and resolve.Thanks for the article.

    • Thanks, Anthony, I appreciate your perspective on this. I’ve read that women in the US suffer more menopausal symptoms than any other culture. Many cultures view “the change” as a privilege to experience. Thanks so much for visiting today and taking the time to leave your comment!

  2. I have worked with several women going through this change and it is fascinating to some degree to view this. With my wife getting to that age as well, I felt that I better prepare myself so that I can be a pillar of strength for her.

    On the other side of this article though I love how you diagnosed your spiritual side of it. These are very important things to understand no matter your age, sex, or whatever!

    • Thanks, James! How wonderful of you to be thinking ahead for your wife…and you, ultimately! The change is nothing to fear, but should be embraced with love. After all, 50 is the new 30…or 40…I can’t keep up. Thanks for visiting today, and taking the time to leave your awesome comment!

  3. I really like “The Journey” you have highlighted. I am nowhere near 50, but I have been experiencing these feelings, and they appear to be cyclical, actually. It’s not an easy journey, that’s for sure, but having full awareness where we are at each moment helps. And knowing that they are merely feelings that we have power over will empower us to transcend those difficult emotions. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Aaaaw, thank YOU for visiting and leaving such a wonderful comment! I’m not sure how old you are, but symptoms can start 10 years or more before full blown menopause. Crazy, right?

      Thanks, again, and it makes me happy knowing that you took away something meaningful.

      Be Well, Lily!


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