The Best Headphones for Meditation: Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II Review


Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II Review

When you get more into meditation, you’ll learn about different types of meditation.  One type that you may enjoy and get great benefit from is called binaural beats meditationBinaural Beats Meditation.  According to wikipedia, a binaural beat is defined as an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves, both with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz, with less than a 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to a listener one through each ear. For example, if a 530 Hz pure tone is presented to a subject’s right ear, while a 520 Hz pure tone is presented to the subject’s left ear, the listener will perceive the auditory illusion of a third tone, in addition to the two pure-tones presented to each ear. The third sound is called a binaural beat.  All technical mumbo jumbo aside, binaural beats used in meditation can help you achieve a full meditation state, heighten creativity, increase focus and concentration, reduce anxiety, induce sleepiness and relaxation.

You must have recordings properly engineered for the use of binaural beats and they must be heard through headphones to get the full benefit.

Some of you may already be familiar with the high sound quality Bose has to offer, but if you’re not, you should get familiar.  To me, there is no comparison to any other brand.  I have built in Bose speakers in walls of my family room for a complete surround sound experience.  Recently, I added these SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II to my Bose collection.  I wasn’t disappointed.  My meditation was taken to a whole new level!


  • Some people reported that it breaks up with AppleMac and iPhone products; I didn’t have a problem with my Android phone or Del computer.
  • limited color choice; only comes in white or black
  • though they are light weight, they’re a little bulky


  • fit comfortably on your head
  • very light weight
  • block out outside noise
  • incredible sound quality
  • wireless = freedom of movement
  • pairs easily with other devices such as phone, laptop, notebook, etc
  • long batter life, up to 15 hours
  • rechargeable battery


1 year warranty and lifetime support


around $280 most places

Available At:  It’s $279 there, but shipping is must faster, especially if you have Amazon Prime…2 day FREE shipping!

Go get yours!

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