My Nutrition Mission


My Nutrition Mission


The idea for my nutrition mission really began with just my own health and weight loss goals in mind.  However, after seeing my progress and what I’ve been been able to accomplish over the the last 18 mos, my friends and family…and even strangers…have been asking me what my secret is.  Mostly, they mean my weight loss and some have asked about my youthful skin and over all younger than-my-age appearance.  Their words, not mine.

Jokingly, while a friend and I were chatting about her weight loss goals, we came up with the slogan “nutrition mission” and how it should be my motto.  After we both laughed about it, we thought, “hey, that’s not a bad idea, really!”

So, with a little nudging from my friend, I started working on this article.  It’s nothing special, mostly common sense.  But, sometimes it takes hearing about, and seeing what someone else has done in order to get the motivational ball rolling.  My hope is that something, even one thing, that I share will resonate and work for you, too!  That is my real nutrition mission!

Weight loss can be a struggle for many people; however, during the time (2-5 yrs) before full blown menopause it can seem almost impossible.  First, you need to establish some ground rules to follow and live by.  It’s time to change your entire lifestyle and the view you have of yourself.  Here are some of the ways I altered my lifestyle in order to lose weight and become healthier than I’ve been in years…and, things for you to consider so that you can become your healthiest you, yet! Continue reading