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Rodney Yee’s AM/PM Yoga for Beginners DVD Review – A great way to learn about yoga in your own home

Product:  Rodney Yee’s AM/PM Yoga for Beginners DVD

Price:  19.98 (see special offer below)

Available at:   the Gaiam website

Duration:  2 20 min. programs

Bonus:  How to use props

If you’re looking to try yoga for the first time and not really into going to a class, then I highly recommend you check out this video by yoga master Rodney Yee.  Rodney Yee has been a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher since 1987 and also has been teaching advanced teacher training courses for 15 yrs.  This set includes 2 dvd’s with 2 AM sessions and 2 PM sessions, in addition to a short meditation session following the PM practice.  This is probably the best beginner’s yoga video I’ve tried.  It’s easy to follow and you’ll love the instructors!  Some yoga videos can be a little too “commercial”, if you know what I mean, but these aren’t at all.  You can find this set and many more on the Gaiam site.  I hope you found this review helpful.  Best wishes to you.  Be well!

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YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze-Yoga Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool Review – Beneficial and fun!

Product:  Yogabody Natruals Yoga Trapeze-Yoga Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool

Available At:  Amazon

Price:  $79

Warranty:  10 year on parts

Once you get the hang of the basics in yoga, you might want to expand and try out some fun yoga props.  And, if you’re like me and have back issues (like many women over 50) and prefer practice at home, you’ll benefit from a trapeze yoga swing.  Don’t worry, you won’t end up performing in the circus!  ha ha  Seriously, this yoga swing is awesome and very versatile.  It’s use for inversion therapy is amazing!  You can also use the “swing” as a prop to help steady your balance during different positions and aids with weight bearing while you’re building strength.  The actual swing part opens wide enough to use as a hammock, so use careful consideration in where you decide to mount it…you’re gonna wanna just relax in it after your practice.  Just keep in mind that you’ll need to buy instillation hooks and/or a bar (pull up bars work great); it only comes with S hooks and rope for hanging for an already existing bar. has if for about $30 less than you’ll find it directly from the manufacturer; however, they do offer a limited 1 month trial for $1 to try it out.

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Best price at

Gaiam Legging Review – look and feel your best

Let’s talk about yoga pants, shall we?  Gaiam is definitely one my favorite brands for all yoga wear.  Gaiam can be a little pricey, but worth every penny; the quality is unbelievable!  These Gaiam Women’s Organic Cotton Fold-Over Bootcut Pants are absolutely perfect!  They fit snug enough to stay in place, yet they seem to breathe with you as you’re going through your practice.  The fold over waist band can be worn up or down and doesn’t pinch when you’re bending and twisting.  What I really love and appreciate about these leggings is that you CAN’T SEE THROUGH THEM.  They are true to size, but can be a little long for someone under 5’7″.  Otherwise you’re going to love them;  I live in mine! has them for a great price!

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Product:  Gaiam Women’s Organic Cotton Fold-Over Bootcut Pants

Available at:  Amazon

If you’re a capri kinda gal, Gaiam has you covered, as well.  They have a great pair for curvier figures that fit snug in the legs, yet a little looser in the waist.  These capris do a great job at wicking out moisture.  They have the same high quality that you will come to love if you give Gaiam a try.  You can find them at a good price at

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Product:  Gaiam Women’s Curve Capri

Available at:  Amazon

Price:  $60


Obviously I love Gaiam brand yoga wear and props, and if you’re looking for more Gaiam products to try, I suggest going directly to their site.

They have a great selection of yoga equipment, clothing, videos and just about anything you may need to help you in your journey to wellness.Gaiam Yoga Apparel with a Fit that won't quit


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