Most Comfortable Women’s Walking Shoes: Find Your Sole Mate


Most Comfortable Women’s Walking Shoes: Find Your Sole Mate

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Finally, nice weather is here, making it time to head outdoors for fresh air and exercise!  Just don’t let a bad shoe choice keep you from reaching your goals.  If you’ve never treated yourself the right pair of walking/running shoes after doing some research, it’s high time!  Choosing the right shoes will make all the difference in your performance, the distance you’re able to go and can even help prevent injury.  Whereas, the wrong pair of shoes can ruin your workout and maybe even your whole day.

I did a little research for you and would love to share with you 5 of the most comfortable women’s walking shoes that I found.  I confirmed all my picks with what the expert testers at Runner’s World had to say about each.

FYI:  Did you know that walking briskly can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes?  Yep, it’s true.  And the more you walk (or run) each week, the more your health benefits will increase.

It’s time to find your SOLE MATE!


Asics GT-2000 4 Listed at $120 most places.  Just $113 from Amazon!

The GT-2000 has been a best seller for close to 2 years and here’s why…it gives women of all shapes and sizes a moderately stable, well-cushioned ride and a supportive fit.  The upper wraps softly wraps around the midfoot; while the overlays on the arch side of the shoe keep your foot in place.  This reduces friction that can cause blisters.  This is an excellent walking and running shoe.  This shoe is a good choice for women that are overweight.


Brooks Ravenna 7 $120 at Amazon and most places

This is a fun, yet comfortable and supportive shoe that’s will last for many miles.  With a segmented sole and extra support under the arch, it’s well cushioned and stable.  The women that tested this shoe had nothing but praise for the fit.  This shoe is suitable for both runners and walkers and, especially, for people that are injury prone.  Also, a good choice for women who are overweight.


New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo $130 most places.  Listed for $129 at Amazon.

The Vongo is designed to reduce excess inward rolling of the foot.  Women who tested this shoe confirmed that it offers stability, and the extra Fresh Foam under the arch provides a light cushioned and speedy ride.  This isn’t the best shoe for women that are overweight or injury prone.  The Vongo is suitable for both walking and running.



Altra Provision 2.5  $120 most places.  Listed for $119 at Amazon.

The Altra Provision 2.5 received high marks by testers for comfort and ride.  The sole under the arch side of your foot is higher than on the outside, smoothly controlling the inward roll of your foot without hard wedges or posts.  A level platform (heel and toe are of equal height) plus extra padding under the foot’s balance points provide stability.  With the foot-shaped upper, there’s plenty of room for your toes to spread.  This is an excellent choice for women who are prone to injury.



Skechers Gorun Forza  $120 most places.  Just $95 at Amazon!

The Forza is the first serious stability shoe from Skecher’s.  There’s a layer of firm foam under the arch that extends from heel to ball to control excess inward rolling at any point in your stride.  The extra control doesn’t compromise the shoe’s smooth cushioning, thanks to the soft, bouncy foam on the sole and under the forefoot that lessens impact.   This is another excellent choice for women who are overweight and prone to injury.  Testers gave this shoe two thumbs up!


In Conclusion

I hope you seriously consider investing in a decent pair of shoes this Summer for walking, running or exercising.  The right shoe for your particular foot has the power to potentially  to change your entire workout attitude!  $100 may seem like too much to spend on a pair of shoes that won’t even see a date night or a dance floor, but trust me, your feet, legs and back will thank you!  So much that you may even actually feel like going out dancing on the weekends!

Please feel free to leave comments or questions in the space below.


Be Well, ladies!



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