Menopause Brain Fog Treatment: Free E-Book Brain Health Protocol


Menopause Brain Fog Treatment:  Free E-book Brain Health Protocol

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Ever have a day (or a week or even a month)  where you just didn’t feel fully awake and a little fuzzy?  Maybe you’ve  had trouble remembering simple daily tasks like putting the clothes in the dryer or forgot essential items at the market and had to make a second (or third) trip.  Or, maybe you’ve had difficulty with concentration and unable to form a clear thought to put into words.   If you’re going through menopause or already through it, chances are you’ve experienced one or all of these symptoms.

Did you know that there’s actually a thing called “menopause brain fog”?  Some researchers suggest that the fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels, which are the primary cause of most menopause symptoms, can be linked to menopause brain fog.  Most common signs include poorer memory and cognitive decline (problems with thinking).  Now, you’re wondering about a menopause brain fog treatment right?

First, let’s take a look at what exactly menopause brain fog is all about…

Symptoms of Menopause Brain Fogpoor memory cartoon

  • Memory issues
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Decreased alertness


Good News

The good news is that symptoms will usually improve over time.  But, here are some practical  ways you can help control the symptoms of Menopause Brain Fog in the interim :


Intro to Brain Health Protocol:  Your Guide To Optimizing Processing Speed, Memory & Focus

In this featured FREE E-Book, you will learn about your complex brain and it’s primary functions.  More importantly, you will learn how best to optimize your brain power through an easy to follow guide that will help you overcome the Menopause Brain Fog.  The book explains the importance of following a nutritional diet plan and supplements, as well as the effects that sufficient or lack of sleep may have on your brain’s function.  You will also learn how regular exercise and making time for relaxation will help you get the sleep your brain needs in order to recover from each day’s stressful events. Get started reading your FREE e-Book now…

Here is your FREE e-Book:

 Brain Health Protocol: Your Guide To Optimizing Processing Speed, Memory & Focus

Your brain is arguably your most important piece of hardware because without it, you’re not yourself. Eating a Snickers bar won’t fix sub-optimal brain health. Your brain is complex, it can be temperamental, and if you don’t treat it right, it won’t treat you right. The good news is there are some very simple, powerful ways you can optimize your cognitive performance. In Onnit’s Brain Health Protocol, you’ll discover: How to help supercharge your brain’s primary energy source, The important aspect of brain health you’ve probably been ignoring, Valuable nutrients to support your cognitive health.

What Is A Brain?

The brain is a tangled mass of spongy tissue infused with electrical pulses. It is paradoxically one of the most researched and most mysterious organs in the human body. What is a Brain? The brain is the seat of cognition – where your thoughts originate and where your memories reside. Your brain is arguably your most important piece of hardware because without it, you’re not yourself. Eating a Snickers bar won’t fix sub-optimal brain health. Your brain consumes more fuel than any other organ. It’s complex, it can be temperamental, and if you don’t treat it right, it won’t treat you right. Below are some simple, powerful steps you can take to support your brain health.

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Recommended Supplement:

Ignite Your Brain!

Alpha BRAIN Instant Drink Mix
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  • Clinically Studied To Help Healthy Individuals Support Memory, Focus and Processing Speed.

  •  Fast Way To Help Optimize Your Mental Performance, Without The Use of any Stimulants.

  • Mixes Easily With Water and Available In Two Delicious Flavors.

  • Made With Earth Grown Nutrients.


Fueled By Earth Grown Nutrients

cats clawAt the core of Alpha BRAIN Instant is earth grown nutrients. These are plants that have evolved alongside mankind, and in many cases like the Ayurvedic herb, Bacopa, have a history of use for millennia.  Huperzia Serrata contains a potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitor,Huperzine A, that has shown the ability to enhance areas of cognition on its own. AC-11, despite the technical name, is extracted from Cat’s Claw, a revered Amazonian herb. Onnit is the only company in the world that has the right to use this exciting herbal extract in nootropic formulations.

The advantage of using earth grown nutrients is the overwhelming amount of data on safety. While chemical compounds often only have a few years of data with a limited subset of patients, often times earth grown nutrients have thousands of years of utilization by people all over the world. This makes us even more confident that our formulas like Alpha BRAIN Instant are truly safe for daily use.



My hope is that you will leave here, today, with a better understanding in what happens to our whole body during menopause.  The more we understand, the easier it is to control and cope with the many symptoms of menopause through our every day lives.  Most of all, I don’t want you thinking “this is the way it is and there’s nothing I can do about it”, because that is simply not the case.  There’s ALWAYS something you can do!  Please consider some of the menopause brain fog treatments discussed here today.

After reading the FREE e-Book, I hope you will even consider trying Alpha Brain, along with some of the recommendations given here, to relieve your symptoms of Brain Fog.  I know I will be following up with a progress report on my symptoms in about a month.

Please leave any questions or comments in the space below.

Be Well!




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