How To Improve Your Health And Wellness



How To Improve Your Health And Wellness

fountain of youth

Over the last couple months I’ve had a surprisingly large number of people ask me what my secret is.  Asking me things like…are you a vampire?  Have you discovered the fountain of youth?  Are you lying about your age? …and the biggy…how did you lose weight?  So now, I’m going to share what I’ve learned and what works for me in how to improve your health and wellness!

Obviously, those people have not been following my website!  Ha!  Ha!  But, seriously, I am flattered and a little embarrassed, but I guess this is the whole reason I started this website in the first place.  That is to help others realize their full potential by honoring their minds, bodies and spirits by living full and healthy lives.

Now I’m no guru, doctor or specialist, but I have researched and researched some more to find healthy ways to lose weight, stay in shape and live a more spiritual life.  I’m going to give you the summarized break down version of what I have done over the last 15 months in order to get to the place I’m at today.  Start by watching my short little video:

How I’ve Changed My Weight Loss Mentality


I’ve never really been obese, but I have been 25+ lbs over weight most of my adult life.  I’ve struggled with fad diets, starvation diets and simply just not-caring-anymore diets.  My weight had been on a constant roller coaster ride, soaring from losing 10 pounds to gaining 15 at the next turn.  I felt run down and completely fatigued most of the time.  My skin was dry and …well, I was looking old.  I was very unhappy and depressed.

Finally, about 15 months ago, I had an epiphany:  I was the only person that could make my life better.  Once you accept that, you take responsibility.  Well, at least I did.  I started with the weight issue.  I researched weight loss for women during midlife.  I discovered weight loss at this time in our lives is a whole new ballgame; not like when you were 25 or even 30.

I learned how our hormones effect EVERY part of our system.  I learned what to eat and, more importantly,  what NOT to eat.  You can see the best food plan for women during midlife on my nutrition page.

First thing you can do is stop counting calories!  Rather, focus on eating fresh veggies and fruits, protein, very little carbs & cut out sugar and alcohol.

What I Eat Daily

This is a plan that has been working for me; it’s not for everyone.  Refer to my nutrition page for more options and detailed info.  I take some supplements each morning, in addition to the plan described below.


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Nature’s Way Black Cohosh Root, 540 mg,180 Capsule
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  • 8:00:  banana
  • 8:30:  low carb, organic whole food cereal bar/cookie


  • 10:00:  2/150g  containers of Greek yogurt.  Handful of almonds.


  • 11:00:  organic “pink lady”apple
  • 12:00:  organic high protein soup or fresh kale salad with boiled eggs


  • 4:00:  snack of either organic corn tortilla chips or organic rice crackers and/or a handful of almonds


  • 5:30:  organic, high protein 400 calorie dinner…usually Amy’s brand organic frozen meals or fresh kale salad with either bacon or grilled chicken and boiled eggs


  • 7:00:  another  fresh fruit snack of my choice


At bedtime, I drink one cup of Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Tea, 16 Tea Bags (Pack of 6).  This really helps keep things regular and eliminates that bloated belly feeling.

*Note:  I drink 1 gallon of filtered water each day…every day, 7 days a week!  I limit alcohol to 2 drinks per week or less; however, when I first started this plan I cut it out completely until I was able to lose 20 lbs.   I eliminated sweets/sugar almost entirely.  I do allow myself a couple pieces of organic dark chocolate almost daily.  I eat very few carbs and try to stick with gluten free and organic as much as possible.


Yoga Changed My Life


The American Heart Association  suggests at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise (or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity). This breaks down to 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week.  My recommendation is yoga as the preferred form of exercise, and it always will be.  Yoga has changed me forever, in so many ways.

Yoga will teach you to honor your body, relax your mind, be present, trust the universe and to BREATHE.  Yoga will assist you in tending to your whole being:  body, mind and spirit.

Yoga is low impact, so easy on the bones and joints.  Yoga improves brain function, lowers stress levels, increases metabolism, decreases inflammation & increases flexibility.  Yoga can lower your mild to moderate high blood pressure, increase your lung capacity, reduce chronic neck and back pain, relieve anxiety, stabilize blood sugar levels, improves your sense of balance and can even improve sexual function and satisfaction for women!

After some years of practicing yoga, you will have stronger bones and will be able to maintain a healthy weight while lowering your risk of heart disease.

My Yoga Practice

For me, yoga is a personal experience and shouldn’t be shared with a room full of people you barely know, so I enjoy my practice at home.  That’s just me, though; if you like a classroom setting and find it motivates you, then go for it!

I turn off all the lights.  I light some candles and roll out my yoga mat.  If I’m following a dvd, I fire that up and get started.  If I’m practicing on my own, I put on some soft inspirational music.

I use Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners 4 days a week.  Don’t let the “beginners” fool you!  Each practice is 15 to 60 minutes, with clear instructions for each position.  I also have a very physical job, so I usually stick with about 30 minutes for each practice.


Meditation Picks Up Where Yoga Leaves Off

For me, meditation is an extension of my yoga practice.  I couldn’t imagine doing one without the other.  I usually follow up my yoga practice with a 15-20 minute silent meditation. Meditation will calm your mind…in other words, stop the chatter going on inside your head.  Meditation will give you peace.  You will learn how to open your heart and your mind to all things possible.  Meditation gives you clarity and strength.

You can also gain a tremendous amount of insight from guided meditation sessions.  I have a few favorites I listen to regularly.  As an introduction to meditation, I highly recommend listening to Deepak Chopra.  The Soul of Healing Meditations is my favorite and I listen to it almost every evening.  When a friend asked me what Deepak Chopra has given to me, I responded without hesitation, “peace, the ability to love myself, clarity, forgiveness and love”.


“Meditation makes the entire nervous system go into a field of coherence”.

~Deepak Chopra



I hope this outline was of some help to you.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or leave a comment below.  Don’t be shy, we’re all in the same human race, middle age boat.  I am willing to help you in any way I can, so that you can achieve improved health and wellness.  Or, maybe you have something to offer that has been working for you?

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Be Well

10 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Health And Wellness

  1. Thanks for the tip about “Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners” Barb. I’ve wanted to give it another shot after being away from it!

    • Hi, Jill! I hope you like it…Yes, DO give it another shot. You might enjoy it more from the comfort and privacy of your own home, too.

      Be Well!

  2. Wow your pictures are fantastic! Where did you get the picture with the fountain from?
    Great site my mum would probably like this one, will have to let her know about it.
    I like your style of writing with a bit of humour and very creative. It’s very detailed. I also like your slide that you have created. And the section of what you eat daily.

  3. I am 50 plus also and have challenges with energy and have carried at least 25 lbs extra weight for about 10 years now. You talk about meals and snack. In your opinion is it best to eat several times a day but keep the portions small. You talked about your dry skin going away. Did this change will the change of diet.

    • Hi, Ellen! Yes, lots of small meals throughout the day increases your metabolism and keeps your body from going into starvation mode, when it holds onto fat. A meal can be an apple or another pc of fresh fruit. I spread my “breakfast” out over a few hours…eating a banana, then, after an hour or so I eat yogurt or organic breakfast bar. And, yes, when you are eating healthy and drinking a gallon of water each day, your skin will naturally be more supple and radiant! You might also be interested in reading my article, How to have younger looking skin: even after age 50.

      Thanks for stopping by and asking such important questions!

      Be well!


  4. Hey Barb, Hopped by to see how things are going here and found this post. While I am obviously not a woman over 50, I have found a lot of value in what you have written here.

    I myself have begun on a journey of self rediscovery over the last year here and have made many positive changes in my life. I have started small, just taking little steps at a time down several of the paths that you have listed above.

    I am eating much better now after seeing that I was 20lbs over my normal weight. Mainly I realized that I was eating portions that were too big and by simply taking a little less and taking my time to eat. Just by doing this I quickly lost 15lbs!

    Meditation has helped me tremendously by helping me be more mindful of the actions I take in life. Yoga however is the one that has been more elusive for me, but with the warmer weather approaching it is the time of year that I start to get more active. Just need to take those tiny steps to get the ball moving.

    • Hi, James! Thanks for daring to post on a seemingly all women’s site! You are always welcome, here, I we all appreciate the male perspective! Happy to hear that you found some value in this post. Really, everything in it about being healthy, no matter what the gender. 🙂 Keep up the healthy living and open minded attitude!

      Be Well

  5. Hi, interesting article. You mentioned that doing Yoga is good. Is there any basic requirement to take up yoga. For example if I am severly overweight or if I have problems like back pain can I still take yoga?
    I have done mediation before and it is not easy to stay mindful. Is there any ways to help us to be more calm during the mediation process?

    • Thanks, Jacob, good and valid questions…first, there are no requirements before taking up yoga. In fact, yoga will help with weight loss and back pain. I recommend getting started with a beginners’ practice. There are several great beginner’s classes at Keep in mind that all yoga positions can be modified to work with any physical limitations, and in most cases, will gradually eliminate those limitations.

      As far as mindful meditation goes…well, it just takes practice and focus. Try meditating in a place and time where there will be no distractions. Personally, I like to meditate in the evenings and in the dark with just one candle burning. Remember, it’s ok if you get distracted or interrupted; you can always resume your meditation or try again another day. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your sessions start out short; with practice, you’ll find each time gets easier to stay in the moment longer and longer. If I get distracted during a meditation practice, I go back to focusing on my breath…in and out, slowly. I can usually fall right back into a trance state. If not, I end it and try again another time.

      Thanks, again, for stopping by and asking such great questions!

      Be Well!


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