Heavy Bleeding During Perimenopause: Alternative Treatments


woman laying down with crampsPerimenopause And Heavy Bleeding


Chances are if you are reading this blog post, you are either in menopause or in the perimenopausal stage.  Perimenopause is the 10-15 years before full blown menopause.  You are considered to be in menopause when you haven’t had a period for a full year.  Periomenopause can be brutal with heavy and irregular bleeding every month or, sometimes, every other month.

What Is Considered To Be Heavy Bleeding?


Most women experience heavier bleeding the first or second day of their periods, and this is considered to be within the normal range.  However, if your bleeding is so heavy that you are soaking through a tampon and a pad worn at the same time, and then through your clothes for more than 2-3 days per month; if you’re afraid to leave your house during your period; or if your period lasts longer than 7 days  it is not considered to be normal.  Also, if you’ve been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, that’s a sign your bleeding is abnormal and you need to take action.  If you’re concerned about constipation with iron supplements, try drinking an organic natural laxative herbal tea like, Smooth Move, before bed.

Alternative Treatments For Heavy Bleeding

Before starting any treatment program for your heavy bleeding, you should see your doctor or GYN for an exam and PAP smear if you haven’t had one in the last year, to rule out anything more serious that needs medical attention.  In addition to hormonal imbalance, there are physical conditions (fibroid tumors and endometriosis for example) that may need medical treatment, so SEE YOUR DOCTOR!

  • Diet & Vitamins – first, follow the food plan outlined in the Nutrition section, here.  Take B complex along with vitamin B6, 60-80 mg per day and vitamin B12, 20 mcg per day; vitamin E, 400 IU twice per day; vitamin C complex with bioflavonoids, 1,000-5,000 mg per day; vitamin A, 25,000 IU per day; take supplemental iron if your level is low, you many need to take 15 mg three to four time per day until your levels are restored.  Otherwise, you can take 15 mg of iron once per day.
  • Accupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine
  • Castor oil packs on your lower abdomen for an hour 2-3 times per week often helps with pelvic pain and cramps
  • Natural Progesterone – a nonprescription cream that contains 2% natural progesterone can be used to decrease heavy bleeding.  Rub 1/4-1/2 tsp into your palm or other soft areas of your skin 2 times per day, starting 2-3 weeks before your period is due.  Stop when your period begins, then start again 1-2 weeks later.  If this is going to work for you, you should see results after about 3 months, otherwise, you may need to ask your doctor for a stronger prescription.
  • NSAIDS take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like Advil, Motrin, Aleve daily, starting 1-2 days before your period.
  • Herbal Remedies – (I’ve included the more common herbal remedies that are readily available, but there’s lots more) Cinnamon tea or take 1 tsp in cold water three times per day during heaving bleeding; Prepare a glass of fresh parsley juice and drink at least 100ml of the juice three times during the day. You can prepare the juice by boiling parsley leaves in distilled water. The juice should be had after every meal during the first three days of your periods; Prepare ginger tea by boiling 200 grams grated ginger in half a liter of water. Boil the ginger for 10-12 minutes. Strain the concoction and allow it to come down to warm temperature before drinking it; Take a medium sized unripe papaya and eat it through the day.

Of course, there are some other traditional treatments that your doctor can prescribe or perform (D & C, endometrial ablation, etc.), but for our purposes, here, we are focusing on the natural alternative options.


purple lotus flowerThank you for visiting today, I hope you found something of value.  Please leave your comments below with any natural remedies you’ve tried for excessive bleeding during perimenopause.

Be Well!


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