Have Women Really Given Up On Their Dreams?


I heard on the radio that a recent study showed that women, in general, have given up on their dreams. That was it. Then, they went back to playing the next song. Just like that.

Immediately, I felt very distressed, hearing this. Then, I felt a little offended and maybe a tad outraged at the notion that women could be throwing in the towel after achieving so much over the last 50 to 100 years.
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Ultimately, I felt a bit agitated with the radio personality (which happened to have been a woman) due to the fact that there wasn’t enough info given. I mean, who are these women? I know it’s a generalization, but still, can we have an age group, perhaps? Also, what dreams are we talking about here: relationship, career, personal goals??? The more I thought about it, the more angry I felt at HER! You can’t just drop a bomb like that, without some back up stats. I mean, come on, woman! Do your job…throw us a bone…give some hope, a ray of sunshine to go with that dismal revelation. No wonder we’re giving up on our dreams! ha ha

Perhaps I’m over reacting? I’m just annoyed at how she could make a statement like that with no explanation. No details. Not even a mention with who actually conducted the study.

I heard this yesterday morning, it’s really stuck with me for some reason.
It has me wondering about my own dreams and the ones I may have given up on.

After doing a little research, I found that there actually was some work put into these results. The first ever Global Dreams Index Survey was conducted and found that half of the world’s female population feel that dreams are silly, unrealistic and not what grown ups do. Why???

So now, this got me thinking about how our dreams change and evolve over time and how they guide us down different paths throughout our lives. We are ALL undergoing a perpetual change…and our dreams should be morphing right along with that change.

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I’m sure many women remember having dreams and longings at some point in their lives, but over time, have lost touch with these aspirations. The desires start to seem more like fantasies. I’m sure many women feel so trapped within their circumstances that happiness has meant settling, or making the best of what they really do not want. I know I’ve certainly been there. So, I guess from this perspective, it does seem that women have given up on those dreams and aspirations. But, do we really have to?

When I was younger, my dream was to have a happy marriage and a successful business. Pretty typical and, well…mundane, I guess. However, as marriages 1 and 2 both failed, my dreams were amended to conform with the change in the trajectory of my path.

I took something unique from each experience that influenced the dreams I started developing. My dream of happiness is still ever present; however, the “marriage” part has been dropped. I have come to the realization that I don’t need to be in a marriage, or even in a committed relationship in order to find happiness. And, the career thing has become a little distorted from the original dream, but it’s still there.

Point being, dreams can change or mutate without dying or having completely given up on them. Please, don’t stop dreaming or “give up” totally on any dream. Let life happen and allow for adjustments to your vision. Because, really…without dreams, what’s the point?

Remember your dreams. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t hold back. Don’t stop believing in magic. We all deserve to be happy. YOU deserve to be happy.

I’d love to hear some of your dreams…how your current dreams may have deviated from the original for whatever reason: education, an experience, a loss or even a find.
Or, what are your thoughts about women giving up on their dreams?

Leave some words!

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