Doga: Yoga For You And Your Dog Book Review


Doga:  Yoga For You And Your Dog

Doga Yoga for you and your dog

Dogs and Yoga, two of my favorite things!  However, I must admit when I first saw the title of this book, Doga:  Yoga for You and Your Dog, my initial thought was, “seriously?”.  Yet, I was intrigued enough to start reading and was instantly hooked.  Today, I’m going to offer a brief review of this fascinating book and concept, that has been around since the 50’s.  With today’s technology, however, it is just now getting some somewhat controversial attention.  So, pay attention and form your own opinion…




Book:  Doga:  Yoga For You And Your Dog

Author:  Lisa Recchione

Price:  $15.99

Length:  17 pages, 9 chapters

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About the Author

Lisa Recchione is certified in Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.  She has a masters degree in counseling.  Lisa is married, with 2 grown children and has 2 dogs, Ollie and Maggie.  Lisa believes that dogs are the embodiment of infinite, unconditional love.


The book starts out with Lisa going over precautions and benefits for both, you and your dog.  Precautions like careful not to force any stretch for either of you, things like that.  She, then, goes into the benefits to be had for you and your dog.  The greatest benefit I can see is the bond that is formed with your dog during the practice.  However, she says you do get all the benefits of yoga, with the bonus of forming a stronger bond with your dog.  The dog’s benefits may out weigh ours, though; they get a full body massage during the practice!  Your dog will also benefit from the growing bond between you, as well as from the socialization he’ll get in a group setting.


After the introduction chapters, Lisa goes into describing how to perform several poses, both floor and standing, accompanied with photos.  She starts you off with a few gentle beginner practices before moving forward with several moderate to difficult poses.  All along she places emphasis on taking care not to over extend or push too far with any stretch and offers modified versions to use if the move is too difficult for you.


There’s a whole chapter dedicated to massage techniques for your dog.  This also induces immediate relaxation for you.


Lisa goes into explaining & demonstrating the 7 chakras …your dog has chakras, too!



In this chapter, Lisa introduces some basic breathing techniques…this part is for you 😉



Lisa offers 4 meditation exercises to practice with your dog to aid in relaxation, awareness and healing.


Doga has received some criticism from the yoga community. Doga classes have been labeled inappropriate for trivializing the sacred practice by turning it into a “fad”, for their lax policies on teacher certification, and for the dogs’ interference in participants’ concentration and relaxation when they are not properly trained to cooperate.  Also,  The Dog Trusts in the UK have warned that unsupervised Doga may impact the welfare of the dogs since they can’t tell us when they’ve had enough.


Though I don’t disagree with what is stated in the “cons”; however, I feel that this book covers the safety concerns for dogs and people thoroughly.  And whoever doesn’t want to practice yoga with their dog, they certainly don’t have to.  Bottom line, the book is easy to read, informative and the author is very knowledgeable and qualified; therefore, I recommend the book for anyone  looking for ways to spend more meaningful time with their dog.   Give it a read!

I hope you found this review to be helpful.  Please leave your comments below.  Thanks for visiting today!

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2 thoughts on “Doga: Yoga For You And Your Dog Book Review

  1. This sounds like a great activity to share with our least judgemental companions! No caring dog owner would force their dogs to do more than they want of anything. I’m all for it. Just need a dog – I lost my last one 14 months ago …

    • Hey Julie! So sorry to hear of the loss of your pup! 🙁 It’s never easy. Until your next one finds you, you can borrow one of my SIX! Thanks for visiting today!

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