Being Ok With Being 50


Being Ok With Being 50

For me, turning 30 was much more traumatic than turning 50.  There’s truth to the saying, “with age comes wisdom”.  Don’t you feel so much “smarter” at 50?  I know I do and wouldn’t go back for anything!  Turning 50 doesn’t mean your life is over, or soon to be.  With new research in medicine and more social awareness on how to live healthier, people are living longer than they did back in the mid 20th century.  So, 50 really is the new 30.



Be True To Yourself

At 50, I no longer feel the need to sensor myself or worry about what others are thinking of me.  If I want to color my hair magenta, I do!  And, it is.  At 50, I’ve learned to embrace my individuality rather than suppress it by trying to fit in with the, so called, norm.  And, I’m gaining respect because of it.  At 50, I can laugh at my mistakes rather than being embarrassed by them.  We ALL make mistakes.  And, it’s ok.  Just learn from each of them and carry that with you.

What Is 50 Anyway?

50 is the natural number following 49 and preceding 51.  50 is a number.  And, I am more than a number.  YOU are more than a number.  Being 50  means you’ve been on this Earth, breathing its air, for 18, 250 days.  Now, that’s impressive!

Be Ok


I am ok with being 50.  Are you?  Be proud of the you that you’ve become; it’s been a long journey.  Laugh every day.  Find joy in the simplest of things.  Share your wisdom, but never stop learning.  Find a purpose and work it until you’ve mastered it…even if it’s simply learning to knit.  Be physically active.  Yoga is the best thing I could recommend.  Be healthy by eating smarter than you did back when you were 25.



We’re 50 and we’re still here…breathing air.  May as well make the most of this life, with this body, on this Earth.  Be happy.  Be well!


6 thoughts on “Being Ok With Being 50

  1. Being 57 to me is feeling like I grown wiser not older I know my body is not the same but I do believe that is because of the wear and tear tat I have put it through .But my mind now it is still very young and fresh and is continuing to want more ,as I once saw in a movie about a little robot ( Short Circuit ) those famous lines come to my head I need More Imput ,and that is how I feel to this very day so 50 just like you described is nothing more then a number all the best Max

    • Thanks, Max! I feel ya! But, as they say, “move it or lose it”. I find the more active I am, the less pain I have from arthritis and such. And, when I’m hurting and don’t feel like doing anything, it’s like a snowball effect, adding pain on top of pain. Guess that’s how we become sedentary. Thanks so much for the visit and taking the time to leave a great comment! Take care!

  2. Hello here. I think that an age is just the number. Some people, who do not have what to do, they count numbers and ask everybody for it , because they want to feel good if somebody is older as them.
    I think that it is a complete nonsense to pay attention to age, when we communicate with people. A young can be smart and old can be a dumb one and in a opposite way.
    Most important is how much we serve to humanity and what do we do with our lives.
    I saw a lot older people who shine from inside out. They busy with learning new things, finding new friends.
    They read, they do not watch TV. They know how to use computers and write emails or create websites.
    They are the same as everybody.
    Just we need to take care of ourselves, our mental and physical health and find a joy in a simple things.
    Everything is and will be all right.
    All the best, Nemira.

    • Hey Nemira! Thanks so much, you are beautiful! You’re so right, so many people get so caught up in the age thing and don’t bother looking at what is really important, here. Stop back soon! Be well, my friend!

  3. Great information for woman that are 50 and that is be yourself age is only a number you can be 50 and feel like your 20 or 30. Either your 50 or 50 or 40 or any age make the most of your life you live once and dont worry about age just make the most of today and dont worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself.

    • Hey! Thanks for visiting today and leaving your comment. Just remember these words when you’re 50, and you’ll be fine! Be well!

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