Welcome To Health And Wellness For Women Over 50


  Welcome To Health And Wellness For Women Over 50

Hello and welcome to my page!  This page is dedicated to the health and well being of women over 50…and for the people she loves.  My hope is to bring light to the many issues that we face on a day to day basis, while offering holistic advice and remedies along the way.  I welcome comments and questions so that, together, we can share in the experience and wisdom that all of us have to offer.  We are all on this journey toward our destiny, so lets work with each other to become the best beings possible!  


I believe that we, as a civilization, have been on a gradual shift in awareness for the last decade or so…an awareness in what it means to be human.  We are more than just the body, more than just the mind and we are more than just the spirit.  Ask yourself, “who am I”, without any attachments to material things or cultural status.  You will see that we are the body, the mind AND the spirit working in unison, making us who we are.  So, when addressing our health, we must remember to nourish our whole being, not just the body.  The mind and the spirit need nourishing, as well.  And that is what is meant by “Health and Wellness”.

I feel that this awareness is especially important for women over 50 since we are at a time in our lives where many of us begin to question ourselves, choices we’ve made, our spirituality, or maybe some of you are experiencing health issues.  I want you all to know that whatever issue or concern you may have, you are not alone!  We are all connected. We are all here for you.

It is my mission to reach out to women, especially, to help them realize their full potential and value.  So many of us are afraid to step outside our comfort zone for fear of failure, disappointment, ridicule…the list goes on and on.  We’ve been programmed to believe we are inferior in this life.  Believe this, your are neither inferior or superior to anyone. That goes for every living soul; we are all connected and hold equal value.  Also, know that you are loved.  🙂   

Take a look around my page, and if you find something that resonates with you, I hope that you share it with someone you love.  

Be Well!